First appearance "PK Tech Girl"
Gender Male
Species Sheyang
Affiliation Rogue
Vehicle of Choice Sheyang vessel
Weapon of Choice Sheyang natural fireball attack
Portrayed by Peter Knowles, voiced by Christopher Truswell

Evran was a Sheyang mercenary and part of Teurac's crew. During their encounter with the Leviathan Moya at the wreckage of the legendary Zelbinion, Efrak handled the ship's weapons and sensors. His station was above the captain's chamber and he would periodically poke his head down into the hatch above the captain's chair to report on the situation.

After being outwitted by Ka D'Argo and Moya's crew, Teurac admitted to Efrak that there was nothing shameful about "losing to a clever opponent."


  • Our weapons had no effect.



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