E'Alet seems to bug everyone.
First appearance (4.9 "A Prefect Murder")
Last appearance (4.9 "A Prefect Murder")
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Affiliation Rogue
Age Deceased
Weapon of Choice sgabba flies
Portrayed by Jason Chong

E'Alet wielded the ability to create sgabba flies that could implant murderous subliminal messages in their victims, which were amplified by E'Alet's own psychic powers.

E'Alet was hired by Prefect Falaak to help him remain in power over the clans. Using these insects he was able to use Aeryn Sun in assassinating Falaak's successor, Gaashah, plus seventeen other innoncent victims.

Later, E'Alet used his sgabba-flies again to turn John Crichton and Aeryn against one another. While struggling to overcome E'Alet's subliminal commands, they were able to injure him, knocking him unconscious momentarily. Once revived, E'Alet tried to attack again, but was killed by Paroos before he could fire.




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