General Dyolf
First appearance "Hynerian Rhapsody"
Gender Male
Species Hynerian
Affiliation Hynerian Navy
"You're even more of a yotz than Turralde!"
-Dominar Bishan


Dyolf was a general in the Hynerian Navy. He was promoted to commander of the navy after the exile of General Turralde by Dominar Bishan. He was in command when former Dominar Rygel XVI launched a coup against his cousin, using his forces to simultaneously attack the third moon of Hyneria as well as Bishan Base on the outskirts of the system. Dyolf reported these turns of events to Bishan, who ordered Dyolf to split his forces and engage Rygel's ships in both locations. This left Hyneria vulnerable, allowing Rygel to attack Bishan's palace with Dyolf and his forces away.




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