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David Peckinpah
Birth name David Edward Samuel Ernest Peckinpah III
Born September 5, 1951
Fresno, California, USA
Died April 23, 2006
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

David Peckinpah was a writer for Farscape.


The nephew of Sam Peckinpah, he lived until April 23, 2006, when he died in Vancouver, Canada, of heart failure.

In 2003 he wrote two episodes for Farscape's season 4: "Twice Shy" (episode 14) and "We're So Screwed - Fetal Attraction" (episode 19).

Other writings of 'Peck' are "Sliders" (3 episodes, 1997-1999) and "Silk Stalkings" (4 episodes, 1992-1993). Along with those he wrote for many other TV shows in the 1970s to the 1990s, including "High Performance", "Beauty and the Beast (US)" and "Young Maverick" (1979).

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