Cyntrina is understandably scared.
First appearance (3.5 "...Different Destinations")
Last appearance (3.5 "...Different Destinations")
Gender Female
Species Sebacean
Known Family Kelsa (mother)
Portrayed by Basia A'Hern

Cyntrina was the Sebacaen daughter of Kelsa. Cyntrina was encountered when Ka D'Argo, Stark, John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, and Jool were sent back in time through a rift when Stark lost control of his energy capabilities and threw the group into the rift. They ended up landing in a settlement full of children and nurses that was under attack by the Venek Horde. Cyntrina was scared, as would any child be, and so befriended D'Argo. D'Argo told her that there would soon be peace in order to comfort her. It worked and she was calmed and felt protected by him. She was then told that they were from the future and was curious to know if she had been remembered in the future. D'Argo told her that she could leave a marking of some sort to tell others that she was there. She did so, and when the group returned to the future D'Argo saw the markings, keeping the girl's memory alive. ("...Different Destinations")

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