First appearance (1.16 "A Human Reaction")
Last appearance (1.16 "A Human Reaction")
Species Human
Affiliation IASA
Portrayed by Richard Sydenham


Cobb was an Australian soldier that John Crichton knew on Earth who worked for IASA. He was one of the people that the Ancients impersonated on the false Earth they created so as to learn from Crichton if Earth would accept them.

Crichton knew Cobb as early as the year before, when Crichton had worked with a tech working under Cobb during shuttle tests in the Simpson Desert.

In the simulation, one of Cobb's duties was monitoring Crichton. To alleviate his own boredom and frustration, Crichton questioned Cobb on recent events, only to be denied any information, including the winner of the last Super Bowl.

Later, Cobb reported to John and Jack Crichton on Rygel's death at the hands of the base's personnel. When Crichton later escaped with Aeryn Sun, he confronted Cobb, learning from him that D'Argo was being moved to another facility. Angered by this, Crichton took Cobb's pistol and I.D. badge and clocked him over the head "for Rygel".

His association with Cobb was one of the factors in Crichton's later realization that he was in a simulation. The Ancients admitted that it was men like Cobb that eliminated Earth as a potential home for them.


  • (On his knowledge of Babe Ruth): Some fat guy who played for the Yankees.
  • (To Crichton): You're not gonna shoot me, are ya?



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