Skin colorTan
Hair colorGreyish black

First sighting - Episode 3.14 "Infinite Possibilities - Daedalus Demands"

Charrids are bipedal warrior creatures with short snouts, sharp fangs and leathery skin, largely resembling Vorcarian blood trackers. They are aggressive if not intelligent fighters and have an extreme tolerance for pain. Over 1000 cycles ago, this species raided the Hynerian Empire, killing over a billion and eating over a million Hynerian children, before being repelled by waves of suicide attacks. They still hate the Hynerians. Recently, they have been working with (or more likely, for) the Scarrans, mostly as grunt soldiers and guards. The Charrids are often at odds with the Kalish, a species conquered by the Scarrans and forced to perform bureaucratic and technical functions in the Scarran Imperium.

Charrids can often be seen wearing black armor with helmets that encase their head, especially during combat.

Background informationEdit


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