Ca'taa is all business
First appearance Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1
Last appearance Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1
Gender Male
Species Eidelon
Age Deceased
Weapon of Choice Eidelon pulse rifle
Portrayed by Tim McCunn


Ca'taa was an Eidelon soldier who lived in and was dedicated to protecting the Eidelons' hidden city on Qujaga. Ca'taa took his job very seriously, displaying a suspicious and cautious attitude toward the crew of Moya in his time among them.

After the crystallization of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun and contact was established between the Eidelons and the crew of Moya, Ca'taa supervised the recovery of each piece that had fallen into the planet's ocean. Later, Ca'taa and his fellow security personnel were present at the reanimation of Crichton and Aeryn. Ca'taa displayed his vigilance shortly after Crichton and Aeryn were revived, forcing a standoff when the two surprised individuals drew their pulse pistols. Ca'taa did not relax after this incident, watching them with his fellow armed soldiers and treating the outsiders with a generally cold attitude. When Scorpius' command carrier arrived, seemingly aware of the hidden city, Ca'taa believed that they have been betrayed.

Later, after Noranti had discovered that the inhabitants of Qujaga were Eidelons and their link to the Priests of Arnessk, Ca'taa accompanied fellow Eidelon Pikal aboard Moya in an attempt to make contact with their long lost ancestors. Ca'taa would not reach Arnessk, however, as Moya would come under attack by a group of Tregan mercenaries. Ca'taa died defending Pikal from them.


  • (About their people) Centuries of hiding do not melt away suddenly, Pikal. (To D'Argo) We remain... skeptical about your motives.



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