John as "Butch Crichton"

Butch or Butch Crichton was an alias used by John Crichton during his first trip to Dam-Ba-Da. After encountering the bounty hunters Rorf and Rorg who were searching for Moya's crew, Crichton identified himself using this name to hide his true identity. Crichton maintained the charade the entire trip, even after Rorf and Rorg had captured and bound Ka D'Argo. After helping D'Argo escape, Rorf and Rorg returned and attacked them, accepting Crichton's explanation that he had accepted a "higher bid". Even after the fighting had ceased, the Vorcarian departed believing John to be "Butch Crichton, Bounty Hunter." ("Till the Blood Runs Clear")

Crichton's alias and his identification of Aeryn Sun as "Sundance" is a reference to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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