First appearance (3.02 "Suns and Lovers")
Last appearance (3.02 "Suns and Lovers")
Gender Female
Species Unknown (Sebaceanoid)
Affiliation Kampeks
Weapon of Choice Gamma storms
Portrayed by Leeanna Walsman

Borlik was a member of security on the commerce station near the Twin Suns of Qell. When the station was hit by a massive gamma storm Borlik was the first to tell the crew about the curse. She believed that because people had dared to buy and sell in what she described as the "Sacred Stillness," where "the great Gods were born", the commerce stations she said were so cursed. Two stations were already destroyed, one by asteroids and one by fire.

Borlik was a member of a cult of religious zealots calling themselves the Kampeks. They were responsible for destroying the other two stations.

After scans done by Pilot, revealed the storms were being drawn to the station by a flux broadcast, the source was eventually tracked to Borlik. She was the one broadcasting the signal from within her body drawing the gamma storms closer. Upon her discovery by Stark and "One-Eye", Borlik magnetized herself, through some unknown ability, to a pipe to prevent be removed from the station. Thus, the threat to the station remained immanent. However, her ability to magnetize also proved to be her downfall.

The cryogenic tubes, (obtained from the Diagnosan when John Crichton was cured of the neural chip,) were of a denser alloy of hydro-honium steel than the pipe Borlik was attached to. The crew of Moya used this to remover her from the pipe and trap her within one of the tubes. The tube was then taken to Moya to draw the storm away from the station. Once there, she escaped from the cryo-tube and attached herself to a door in hopes of destoying Moya in lieu of the Commerce Station. Unfortunately for her, that particular door was detachable and Pilot ejected her into space where she was killed by the storm.


  • (To Crichton): You know, I heard he destroyed a Peacekeeper Gammak Base. Murdered an entire Nebari battalion - even laid waste to a shadow depository. Guy was a devil. He raped and pillaged- he popped eyeballs...
  • Lakma-ruka-be. Lakma-ruka-be. Lakma-ruka-be. Lakma-ruka-be. Lakma-ruka-be...
  • (To Rygel): Wooorrrm - are you ready to die in the cleansing apocalypse?



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