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Bloy (right) protects Rinic Tolven (left).
First appearance (3.7 "Thanks for Sharing")
Last appearance (3.7 "Thanks for Sharing")
Species Kanvian (A Sebacean cousin species)
Affiliation Kanvian Sovereign Order
Portrayed by Hunter Perske


While on the planet Kanvia to purchase Chromextin in order to help heal Talyn, Chiana runs into some trouble with Rinic Tolven, son of the planetary sovereign and current Security Director, and his 'flunky', Bloy. Bloy clearly likes the power afforded him by working for Tolven, even forcibly restraining Chiana when Tolven assaults her. He is Tolven’s second in command, directing the attack of concussion missiles at Talyn and Moya, who are concealed in the bonosphere of Kanvia. We last see Bloy when Rinic Sarova, Tolven's sister, killed her father and attacked Bloy, smashing him across the throat, killing him.



Bloy is only one of a long line named, but non-speaking, roles. Bloy's character mostly specializes in menacing looks and brute force.


(3.7 "Thanks for Sharing")

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