Dr. Bettina Fairchild
Aeryn Sun gets a makeover.
First appearance (2.15 "Won't Get Fooled Again")
Last appearance (2.15 "Won't Get Fooled Again")
Gender Female
Species Human
Portrayed by Claudia Black


Dr. Bettina Fairchild was the made up alter ego of Aeryn Sun, created by a Scarran in order to break John Crichton as a form of torture. Unlike Aeryn, Fairchild was very relaxed and was seen as being a party girl. Physically she was an exact replica of Aeryn but psychologically she was very different. She laughed and joked with Crichton half of the time and the other half she was a very formal doctor. Like the other characters in the simulation, her purpose was to mentally break Crichton down, and it was seen as one of the cruelest forms of torture.


  • "Don't worry John everyone is fine"



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