First appearance (3.06 "Eat Me")
Last appearance (3.06 "Eat Me")
Gender Female
Species Xarai, A Sebacean twinned multiple times
Age Deceased (presumably)
Vehicle of Choice Rovhu
Portrayed by Lisa Griffiths


Belima is the Nth twin of her original Peacekeeper form after being duplicated by Kaarvok. Because she was twinned so many times her mental state severely deteriorated and she reverted to her primal instincts much the same as the other twins aboard the Leviathan. She behaved like a dog and was first seen on a leash under the control of Kaarvok. She was used to attempt to breed with Ka D'Argo but was stopped when Chiana pulled her away. Belima later died on the leviathan when it was destroyed.


  • "grr...arrgh...errgghh"



(3.06 "Eat Me")

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