Altana cracks a joke.
First appearance "Home on the Remains"
Last appearance "Home on the Remains"
Gender Female
Species Unknown, (Sebaceanoid)
Affiliation Deceased
Weapon of Choice Hack
Portrayed by Justine Saunders

Altana was a Sebaceanoid woman who was a former associate of Chiana cycles before the Nebari came to Moya. Altana spent a great part of her life on a dead Budong, working in the nogelti crystal mines. This was where she met Chiana, with whom she became friends.

When Chiana returned to the Budong with Moya, she was happy to see Altana, and learned that the older woman had struck a crystal-vein large enough to make her filthy rich for ten lifetimes. Altana offered to share it with Chiana if they could claim it. Unfortunately, she was killed by a Keedva sent by B'Sogg when trying to retrieve the crystals from the mines. ("Home on the Remains")


  • (On Budong mining): I’m not gonna miss the stench, but I’ll miss the thrill of it.
  • (On Chiana): Ah, that girl. She’s a wild one! But she’s got a heart of gold.

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