Akkor is a loyal assistant.
First appearance (2.19 “Liars, Guns and Money - A Not So Simple Plan”)
Last appearance (2.21 “Liars, Guns and Money - Plan B”)
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Affiliation The Shadow Depository
Age Deceased
Portrayed by Nicholas Hope

Akkor was an employee at the Shadow Depository under Natira. He appeared to be Natira's right hand man and had some position of authority, greeting clients as they arrived.

He assisted Natira and Scorpius as they fought against Moya's attempt to rob the Depository and later when they returned to rescue John Crichton from Scorpius' possession. After Crichton escaped with the help of the Vorcarian mercenary Rorf and Natira herself, Akkor was shot dead in the ensuing firefight (but not before he had first mortally wounded Rorf).




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