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  • Moya arrives in orbit around Earth. Sikozu engages in first contact with the humans, excluding John Crichton for the next 42 days. Scorpius elects to stay at the opposite end of the wormhole to guard its entrance.[1]
  • John Crichton, along with several of his Moya crewmates, returns to present day Earth. [2]
  • The Moya crew spend an indeterminate number of weeks or months on Earth, exchanging information and touring the planet. They reside in a mansion in Florida. During this period they are extensively videotaped by Bobby Coleman. At one point, Jack Crichton becomes the first human to visit Saturn, courtesy of Aeryn Sun. [3]
  • At some point during their visit, Aeryn Sun is interviewed for the TV program Alien Visitation, but the episode is temporarily suppressed by the US government. Ka D'Argo makes an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman. [3]
  • Toward the end of the crew's stay on Earth, Sikozu grows tired and joins Scorpius in guarding the wormhole. [1]
  • A Skreeth attacks John, Aeryn, and the Crichton family on Christmas Eve after killing DK and his wife. [1]
  • John Crichton and the Moya crew choose to leave Earth. [1]

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